A facility’s design is only as great as it operates. As any owner or facility operator can attest, building performance ties directly into proactive service and maintenance. Keeping your business up and running ultimately saves time and money.

Through trusted relationships and a holistic approach to the building lifecycle, facility service projects can achieve much more when focused on achieving success through collaboration and innovation.

Working together to help clients easily identify and innovatively solve the challenges their facilities may face, Envise develops customized solutions with cost-effective outcomes in mind. From performance benchmarking analysis to 24/7 building automation service, our experts can help you determine what suits your particular needs and ensure your systems continue to run optimally for the lifecycle of your building.


24/7 Controls Service

Anyone that has ever dealt with equipment failure knows it does not always occur during office hours—equipment can fail at any time of the day, any day of the week. Sometimes facility operators can respond to automation system software issues, but hardware issues or failures that require a greater skill set or inventory demand trained building automation personnel immediately.

By offering 24/7 controls service, Envise is able to respond to, diagnose, and repair your building automation controls system issues in real-time. Our staff of qualified controls system technicians is on call 24 hours/day, 7 days/week because we pride ourselves in responding to emergency situations quickly and efficiently—and your business is too important to suffer downtime.

Our goal is to make an inconvenience like equipment failure as convenient as possible. A quick response can make a big difference in long-term building sustainability, extension of your building’s lifespan, and optimal facility performance.

24/7 Mechanical Service

In today’s demanding environment, facilities need reliable, efficient systems that operate consistently day and night. Excessive downtime to existing operations can result in loss of revenue, as well as additional costs that are incurred with repeated systems and equipment repairs.

With 24/7 mechanical service, Envise offers a properly trained team of experts able to handle your critical system and equipment failures during on and off hours. Our staff of qualified controls systems technicians are dispatched any time of day and are backed by a support system of knowledge, tools, and inventory to ensure faster response times, accurate troubleshooting, and the ability to handle the most critical issues.

Envise can help you prevent lost revenue or other operational impacts due to downtime through preventive maintenance tasks or emergency mechanical service on your equipment. By providing services like equipment upgrades, overhauls, system modifications and energy efficient solutions, we can extend the life and enhance the operability of your building, giving you peace of mind.

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Service Agreements

Without a service agreement budgeting time and expenditures through fixed rate fees, routine repairs and maintenance needs can easily add up to incremental visits and additional costs.

Offering a set, reduced rate, a service agreement helps spread the costs of your building automation and mechanical systems maintenance throughout the duration of your contract. A service agreement also ensures that your building automation and mechanical systems are consistently operating as efficiently as possible.

By leveraging data made available through analytics, Envise offers mechanical service agreements that are more cost effective. Through the identification of non-performing equipment or that, which is no longer operating according to intended specifications, Envise can zero in on problem areas and focus on optimizing building performance in an intelligent manner.

Under a service agreement with Envise, customers receive a specified scope of service coverage for a monthly fee. From regimented, scheduled visits in which we monitor your building’s performance to tactical issue resolution as needed, we work with you to customize a service agreement that suits your individual needs. With service agreement customers’ needs taking priority, our dedicated crew of service personnel can keep your systems operating at optimum performance, while maximizing energy efficiency and long-term building health.

Performance Analysis

It is pretty difficult to determine building performance without a benchmarking process in place. A haphazard approach that has no historical data stand on can lead to inaccurate decision-making regarding modifications or upgrade projects, leading to high, unnecessary costs.

Using your system’s historical data and current conditions, Envise offers performance analysis to identify potential equipment problems and energy saving possibilities for your facilities. By monitoring your performance data, we are able to generate performance benchmarks, which are used to evaluate and quantify energy efficiency strategies now and in the future.

Our vast building automation and mechanical system expertise, along with state-of-the-art data collection tools, allows us to identify problem areas as well as energy saving possibilities. Taking a holistic approach, we evaluate energy saving strategies on individual system components and determine which modifications are needed to optimize overall energy usage and equipment longevity.

Remote Monitoring

One of the biggest challenges—and costs—related to a service call is the time lost when a building automation technician arrives on-site without receiving the details of a system issue ahead of time. This can lead to increased downtime and impact operations because of the extra time needed to resolve issues.

Requiring a unique login, remote monitoring is a secure service that is often executed in conjunction with service agreements to minimize the duration of systems issues. Many times, systems issues can be quickly and easily rectified using remote monitoring by pinpointing the exact nature of the problem.

With both building automation and mechanical capabilities, Envise is able to efficiently provide an immediate response to your systems issues and reduce response time from service call to resolution through remote monitoring. By allowing our Envisers™ to look into the system before coming on-site, remote monitoring can save time and costs, while decreasing impact to your operations. Through remote monitoring, we can collect data to help identify areas of potential energy savings, necessary upgrades to increase the lifespan of the building, and modifications required to optimize facility performance.