The energy costs to deliver an end product or service can be a substantial percentage of your cost to do business. By utilizing technology to manage energy costs and expend the minimal amount of energy possible, energy management can positively impact both your cost levels and revenues.

Taking your property’s design and operations as well as building systems and building management system abilities into account, Envise can holistically evaluate your facility and develop energy efficient solutions that optimize building operations. By collaborating with you and your team, our energy management strategies incorporate your business needs, and are designed to fulfill desired end results.


Energy Analysis

Gathering data that relates to your building systems can be challenging, but understanding, managing, and acting on such information can be even more difficult. If you cannot find the time or expertise to act on your building systems data, it is useless.

Through effective energy analysis, Envise enables you to understand the information gathered from your facility. Looking at the collective information and data gathered for energy consumption across all building systems, our Envisers™ can help you determine how to make the biggest impact for your facility both now and in the future.

We can analyze your building systems in order to identify opportunities for facility optimization and advise you on how to apply resources and funds in order to make changes, which will improve your building operability and performance. Overall, our goal is to help you make the best decisions possible for your building.

Energy Retrofits

Dated or antiquated systems do not just run inefficiently and increase operating costs, they also make it harder to meet increasing building efficiency standards. An energy retrofit can give your building a renewed lifespan, and the ability to run more efficiently, attract tenants, and provide a healthier, safer environment for its occupants.

With a variety of experience in energy retrofit work, Envise has the capabilities needed to replace or modify your building automation and/or mechanical systems with newer technologies, sequences, configurations and operations components, so that you are able to reduce energy use as well as operating costs.

Our in-house engineering support and project management staff ensures each customized energy retrofit is executed in line with owner requirements and without interruption to building occupants. Immediate access to certified energy auditors means we can also perform in-house energy analysis on your facility, leading to improved energy performance. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with an efficient, modernized energy solution that offers exceptional quality control and optimum value for your investment.

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A building that requires commissioning, recommissioning, or retro-commissioning—and does not receive it—may run and operate inefficiently. This can result in excessive energy consumption, comfort issues for occupants, and even challenges regarding serviceability.

Continuous commissioning services enable your building to keep operating efficiently and comfortably, while minimizing system failures and prolonging the lifespan of your building systems. The sequence of operational tests involved in the commissioning process can confirm that your building is operating per its design intent.

With the knowledge necessary to perform start-up and commissioning services for several different scenarios, Envise performs solution-oriented commissioning activities according to your schedule. By evaluating and measuring building systems against an agreed performance benchmark, Envise will help you experience less comfort issues and avoid unexpected failures from equipment that may be breaking down. Our goal is to ensure your facility’s systems have been installed in the prescribed manner and are able to operate in accordance with the performance guidelines set forth by the project drawings and specifications, installation manuals, applicable codes, and national standards.

Building Analytics

With so many software technologies currently available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best tool and yield the most practical application in managing your facility operations. Software providing too much information can overcomplicate use and overload users, causing inconsistent use of the tool.

Helping you make informed choices regarding the way your facility is run, building analytics involves the selection and application of facility software that best suits your facility and staff. During the critical act of software selection, you must ensure the right amount of information will be collected and plan how the information will be distributed

With many partnerships across the industry, Envise is a software agnostic partner that can help you properly address your facility needs. Giving you the knowledge needed to make the best selection for your specific needs, we will help you determine the correct building analytics package and structure to proactively address any potential energy and operational risks before they occur.

Utility Monitoring

Between the possibility of inaccurate bills and supply side costs, in addition to unnecessary peak demand charges, exorbitant utility expenditures are easily unnoticed or misunderstood. With both cost and unpredictability causing problems for your energy budget, mistakes regarding utilities often impact your overall profitability.

By measuring the utility consumption of your facility, utility monitoring allows you to compare your bill against consumption, as well as avoid costly peak demand charges. Through utility monitoring, Envise can measure the overall efficiency and performance of your building and help identify opportunities for savings.

Understanding the relationship between various integrated building systems and their collective impact on your utility bill, our knowledgeable Envisers™ will craft a comprehensive strategy to help ensure your utility rates and information are correct. Our goal is to give you the ability to proactively manage your utility cost structure, as well as become more strategic about how and when you use power, in order to avoid overpaying for utilities.