Through the collaborative and trusted relationships we work to build with you, we aim to innovatively solve issues and find the right solutions for your facility challenges. By working with a knowledgeable Envisers™, you can easily address various issues you may be experiencing related to technology integration, building efficiency, and maintenance planning.

Our consultation services, lead by a skilled Envisers™, start with your specific goals and end with performance. We understand every facility’s needs and objectives differ, and we believe that by giving you the knowledge you need, you can confidently decide what’s right for your distinct facility.


Technology Integration

Insufficient planning regarding certain products and systems that are not properly integrated can result in configurations that fail to maximize the potential of the entire system. This equates to unnecessary complications for system features that overlap, causing excessive cost and waste, and operators defaulting to settings that do not optimize the systems.

With fully integrated systems working together, buildings tend to cost less to operate and provide an improved working environment for those who work in and operate the facility. Ultimately, this means lower operating costs and a better user experience.

By working with our knowledgeable Envisers™, it is easy to become aware of the various building automation systems on the market and proactively address the technology integration. You can select the best systems for your facility needs and manage first cost, as well as simplify operational use. Through the collaborative and trusted relationships we work to build with you, we aim to solve your issues and find the right solutions for your facility challenges.

Building Efficiency Services

Owners that are unaware of building performance may suffer higher utility costs due to facility operations that are far from optimal. Likewise, buildings that are not performing well may be hard to lease or sell to building tenants. Optimized buildings cost less to run and facilities with higher Energy Star scores or LEED ratings are often more desirable.

From varying levels of building auditing, functional testing to verify system performance, and identifying areas for efficiency opportunities, Envise can help you address your building efficiency concerns through consultation services.

Our team of experienced experts will make and execute recommendations to help you reduce operating costs, make good decisions for the lifecycle of your building, and ensure high facility occupancy. As a trusted advisor, we will share our knowledge of what works and the practicality of implementing the changes in a certain environment or building, and can also assist in identifying partners for opportunities outside of our areas of expertise.

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Maintenance Planning

Lack of planning can mean budget dollars are arbitrarily assigned and, ultimately, may not provide enough capital to support all of your facility’s needs. This kind of unpredictability can also lead to uncertain—and often, shocking—energy costs.

Proper maintenance planning can help you determine the support and resources needed to manage your facility, as well as retain skilled in-house staff members and enable them to develop strategies that account for the future. Isn’t it time to get the correct level of maintenance support during the year for your building?

By leveraging data made available through analytics, Envise is able to offer mechanical service and maintenance planning that is ultimately more cost effective. Through the identification of non-performing equipment or that, which is no longer operating according to intended specifications, Envise can zero in on problem areas to optimize building performance in the most efficient way.

With the ability to plan for maintenance needs across multiple systems, our Envisers™ can help you ensure the right budget is submitted with the correct scope. Through scope development, resource and gap assessment, and developing maintenance plans focused on improved building performance, Envise will lead you to further operational savings and minimize your out of budget expenditures.