Without the right building management systems, facilities may not run efficiently and productivity can slow from decreased occupant comfort. The correct automated building management system for your specific needs can keep facility operating costs low, while creating a database of what works best for your building.

Our building management systems expertise allows us to design, install, and service state-of-the-art systems to help you control, monitor, and compare your building’s consumption on an ongoing basis. From HVAC equipment controls to alarming and reporting, Envise experts collaborate with each client to identify, design, and install customized solutions that suit individual facility needs.


Systems Integration

Improper or incomplete integration can make it difficult to take advantage of the many existing systems and technology in your building, and may require several vendors to be brought on-site to identify the root cause of an issue. These costs add up and can cause even more expensive challenges in the future as technology changes.

Allowing for several disparate systems to be pulled into one front end, systems integration leads to easier command and control. The integration of systems such as building automation, lighting control, and fire, as well as less traditional systems like irrigation, parking, and asset management, can greatly improve your facility operations.

With an experienced team, Envise can provide systems integration to help eliminate multiple software platforms, reduce costs for operator training, and cut down on the need for additional hardware. Our approach is geared around delivering the best technology solution to suit your specific needs in order to centralize data and manage building systems more efficiently.

Building Management

Without the right guidance, many facilities operate in a reactionary mode rather than engaging in proactive building maintenance. This presents challenges like limited manpower, not having the ability to quantify where to deploy such resources, and costs that exceed your facility’s budget. By constantly reacting to aging systems, expenditures that could help prevent possible catastrophes are not justified until it is too late.

When important decisions are being made regarding building improvements and investments, the emphasis is too often put on the first cost while the greater picture of maintaining the building is not even considered. Building management looks beyond initial costs and can empower your building automation and analytics systems to uncover day to day savings and assist in proactive facility maintenance.

As a single point of contact to help in the planning of your building management, Envise can help you select the right analytics, building management, and HVAC systems. Our Envisers™ work to execute critical planning up front to ensure you have a tested plan prior to beginning any work. By integrating systems and utilizing analytics to establish a baseline for performance expectations, you are able to run your facility at peek performance and forecast operational and maintenance budgets.

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